Paseban Tri Panca Tunggal

Paseban tri panca tunggal building that is placed in Cigugur Kuningan is cagar budaya that has been confessed PBB. According to estimate this building is built in 1800. name of Tri Panca Tunggal has meaning, that is:
1. Tri (three)= including desire, felling and mindset.
2. Panca (basic)= it means the five senses include eyes, nose, ear,mouth, and skin. All of them get influence from outside
3. Tunggal= which has mean perfection
Tri and Panca has intereation each other so that become one perfection called TRI PANCA TUNGGAL. Paseban building has 4 rooms. Each rooms have name, they are :
1. Pendopo/jinem
2. Sri Manganti
3. Mega Mendung
4. Dapur Ageung
This bulding has two function of application of art, pure art and applied art.
1. Applied art
This building has function as place to show arts. There are many sundanese art in that building. Such as traditional music instrumental. This building also has function as seren taun celebration that celebrated every Zulhijjah 22nd.
First, this building was used as Lord’s home. The first lord was Pangeran Tejabuwana. Now, his generation is Pangeran Djatikusuma. But he lives in Ciarja-Kuningan. He is the person who has introduced batik special from Kunigan.
This Building has 4 rooms. Each rooms have function. Pendopo is used to celebrate Seren Taun. There are Sundanese music Instrument such as Goong, Kecapi, Kendang, etc. Sri Manganti room is like living room. There are photos of Pangeran Djatikusuma’s family. Next to Sri Manganti there is Megamendung there are 4 statues of Pangeran Tejabuwana at every corner of the room. There are big arm chair named throne. It’s used Lord to sat there. And then the main room is Dapur Ageung there is big fireplace there. And it’s curved with many shape as symbol that explain about human life, such as gravels that explain human life always up and down. Dragon that explain the power and hard work of human life. The fireplace was used to relaxation and when the lord gave religious advice he used to strike fire.
2. Fine art
There are many beautiful arts there. Those are very old and full of meaning. There are many curved object, especially dragons. Dragon is as symbol of power. We could find them in almost every room in Paseban Tri Panca Tunggal.
And there are two curved puppets but each puppets have different behavior. They are as symbol that in the World, there are kind people and bad people. Also has meaning in our body we have good side and bad side.
In Megamendung room, there is one girl hold 4 different things. It is as a symbol that human was created by 4 elements. They are fire, water, air, and earth.

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